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How a Digital Fitness Tracker Helps You Maximize Workouts

You work out to get results. Tracking your fitness goals has become possible with the availability of digital fitness trackers. Learn why you get better physical and emotional results when you wear

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Digital Fitness Tracker – All You Need to Know

Health Consciousness If you’re like most health-conscious Arizonans, the following question has probably crossed your mind. “Is it possible to actually measure how healthy a person is?” The ans

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Why Choosing the Right Fitness Center Is Important?

Are you starting a new fitness and training routine? Are you looking for a fitness center that offers group classes? Or that offers something for the whole family? Mountainside Fitness offers a wide v

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Good Reasons to Join a Fitness Center

Joining a Fitness Center There is a myriad of reasons to join a gym or fitness center, not the least of which is the host of physical benefits. Whether you’re working up to the Phoenix Margarita Ma

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Enhance Your Running Technique

Serious Runners Anyone who has ever read “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougal has likely come away with not only a deeper understanding of the basic human need to run but also with a desire to p

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5 Major Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is one of the best anti-aging methods. So, why aren’t you lifting? Walk into the best fitness center in Phoenix, AZ, and you’ll find rows of weights and weight machines. Below are

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