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Mountainside Fitness Founder Joins Goldwater Institute Board
April 4, 2023

Mountainside Fitness founder Tom Hatten has joined the board of directors at the Goldwater Institute.

The Goldwater Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded by donations, according to a press release, working in state courts, legislatures, and communities nationwide to advance, defend, and strengthen constitutionally-allowed freedoms in all 50 states.

Since 2003, Hatten has been serving Arizona charities including Arizona’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Diamondbacks Foundation, Arizona Child Crisis Center and Arizona Special Olympics.

“The Goldwater Institute fills another much-needed service area for me,” said Hatten. “As some of us most recently experienced with the mandatory shut downs of certain businesses that occurred during the pandemic, we learned that civil liberties matter. For me personally, I’m passionate about everything the Goldwater Institute stands for, and I love that they are the checks and balances for government overreach.”

Victor Riches, CEO of the Goldwater Institute, said Hatten’s business background combined with his commitment to serving in leadership positions in the community makes him a huge asset.

“The issues we focus on revolve around making sure that people live free from government interference. I can’t think of a better addition to our board than Tom Hatten. He’s been the biggest champion of Arizona businesses and understands the importance of protecting our civil liberties,” said Riches in the press release.

Among the objectives for this new term, Hatten and other board members will be choosing the issues and priorities the nonprofit will focus on in the coming years.

“Tom is a true American success story, and he practices what he preaches. He Had an idea on how you could revolutionize the fitness industry and he did it by himself. We would be hard pressed to find a better advocate for small business than Tom Hatten,” said Riches.

Hatten hopes in turn he can to bring more attention to the Goldwater Institute.

“I want to bring awareness to the business community and let people know about this incredible resource and how valuable the Goldwater Institute is in protecting your civil liberties and keeping us free from government interference,” Hatten said.

Mountainside Fitness Featured on Fox10’s Arizona Morning Show
April 7, 2023
(Phoenix, Ariz.) Fitness instructor Liz Jones and a crew of Mountainside Fitness instructors joined anchor Syleste Rodriguez on Fox10’s Arizona Morning show to demonstrate how to get your legs toned for summer. Mountainside Fitness offers group fitness classes and personal training to help you on your weight loss journey.

Mountainside Fitness 2022 Peak Awards Group Photo

Mountainside Fitness Celebrates and Honors Employees at its Annual Peak Awards Party

Feb 27, 2023
(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) This month, Mountainside Fitness is proud to celebrate and honor all 1,650 employees at its Annual Peak Awards Party.

The yearly employee recognition party was recently held at The Duce in Central Phoenix where employees enjoyed a Western themed party and celebrated the past year’s accomplishments.

Mountainside Fitness has been celebrating employees at its Annual Peak Awards Party since 2015. Every year the event is held at a large venue and with a new theme.

Employees danced, enjoyed good cheer and celebrated one the best years on record for the company. Entertainment included a live country band plus a DJ. Food and drink reflected the western theme with BBQ and family picnic style.

Highlights of the evening included professional country swing dancers, a square dance performance by the Mountainside executive team, calf-roping on a mechanical calf, and a 45-minute award presentation of top-performing employees all choreographed to the Yellowstone television series.

During the evening Mountainside Fitness recognized employees in various categories from personal trainers, sales representatives, group fitness, child care, club operations, and the Spike Spirit Award which is presented to five (5) employees across all categories who exemplify “Outstanding Mountainside Spirit.”

The festivities were highlighted by the presentation of Legacy Awards to three longtime instructors who are celebrating 20 years at one location in Mesa, AZ. The three instructors, Val Tanner, Dodie Blomberg, and Kathy Vas, all began teaching group fitness at the Mesa club when it opened in 2002 and have successfully built a thriving fitness program.

“We are like a family here at Mountainside Fitness and our employees are incredibly special and important to us. Some have been with us a very long time and we were proud to honor these three fitness instructors who helped open our first Mesa location and have been changing lives for the better over the last 20 years,” said CEO Craig Cote.

Cote added it’s also very unique within the fitness industry to have three group fitness instructors continue at one location since its opening date over 20 years ago.

“When Craig and the team told us about the Legacy award it was not only incredibly special to be honored but really special for us to be honored as a trio who was here from the beginning and still working together now. I’ve never considered going to Mountainside everyday work instead it’s my passion and it’s the most rewarding experience knowing that you are making a significant difference in someone’s life,” said Val Tanner, Legacy award recipient.

For more information or to sign up for membership — visit www.mountainsidefitness.com.

Mountainside Fitness Helps Members Focus on Self-Care with Popular Stretch-Fit Session

Oct 31, 2022

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) Recovery and self-care are important components to any workout routine, as well as busy lives. With a growing commitment to fitness and emphasis on wellness, Mountainside Fitness is proud to offer the Stretch-Fit Session.

Each Stretch-Fit session is conducted by a certified personal trainer and each session includes three (3) different types of stretching:
     • Dynamic – progressively increase range-of-motion
     • Pre-Contraction (PNF) – Process of contracting and relaxing isometric holds
     • Technology – Mountainside Fitness has partnered with Hyperice/Hypervolt percussion massage thereapy tools which is best done in combination with passive stretching.

The Stretch-Fit sessions are convenient and can be purchased in single sessions or weekly recurring sessions. Appointment times are available morning and night, and the typical session lasts 30 minutes.

“Over the last six months, we have witnessed the popularity of Stretch-Fit grow at Mountainside Fitness,” said CEO Craig Cote. “We introduced Stretch-Fit, Stretch Therapy to allow our Members the opportunity to recover, not only from exercise, but from life,” said Craig Cote, CEO of Mountainside Fitness.

The Stretch Therapists at Mountainside Fitness are trained and certified, both on the skeletal muscle structure of the body and the Hyperice/Hypervolt technology, to ensure that Members have the most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

“Members appreciate that they are able to take advantage of Stretch-Fit sessions before or after their workout routine, and help their recovery from both exercise and the stresses of daily life,” said Cote.

Mountainside Fitness first introduced its Stretch-Fit product, also known as Stretch Therapy, in early 2021 as fitness centers continued re-opening and return to normal operations. In addition to Stretch-Fit, Mountainside Fitness offers Members a full suite of services pertaining to recovery, maintenance and self-care.
Fitness consumers have broadened their definition of health and wellness with flexibility and stretching being the #1 Fitness Trend today. Studies have shown that stretching is key to your health, well-being and overall self-care.

The benefits of stretching provides the opportunity to increase your range of motion and flexibility, improves athletic performance, reduces muscle and joint pain, and improves posture. Stretch Therapy is the safest, most effective, and efficient bodywork method available if you want to experience grace and ease in daily life, whether you are an office worker, or an athlete.

For more information or to try Stretch-Fit today — visit www.mountainsidefitness.com/stretch-therapy.

Mountainside Fitness Announces Significant Renovation and Investment of its Long-Standing Chandler Location

Mar 25, 2022

(CHANDLER, Ariz.) The Chandler location of Arizona’s largest locally owned fitness centers, Mountainside Fitness, is proud to announce a significant renovation for one of the company’s longest standing fitness centers.

Located at 1920 S Alma School Rd. near the intersection of Alma School and Germann, this was the third location for Mountainside Fitness. It opened in 2002 and has undergone several renovations over the years.

This latest remodel is expected to be completed within 90 days from commencement, and will include both exterior, as well as an interior renovations. There will be new offerings such as an increased strength floor and functional fitness area, and a rework of the existing basketball and pickle ball court.

Among the new amenities for the Chandler location, there are new Recovery Room Chairs and onsite Massage therapist. Mountainside Fitness is also installing new strength equipment and new rubber flooring for members. As well, the Peak Performance area will be relocated to an increased area near the front entrance.

There will be new murals and graphics within the Group Fitness area, along with an improved LED light system in the Cycle room to inspire members while working out.

Altogether, the Chandler location boasts 36,000 square-feet and offers three separate group fitness studios, a tiered cardio platform, strength floor with crossfit-style workout area, a large childcare area, well-appointed locker rooms with sauna and steam rooms, and the M Café, among other amenities.

“This Chandler location has been a staple of the community for more than two decades with second and third generations of families growing up at our club. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see the members who were once infants and toddlers in our Childcare are now actually working as staffers at Mountainside. That has really special for us to witness,” said Craig Cote, CEO of Mountainside Fitness. The renovations are scheduled to be completed in May.

Mountainside Fitness to begin construction on 20th Valley location

Mar 25, 2022

Craig Cote is headed west for Mountainside Fitness' 20th fitness center in the Valley. After touring several properties along the Interstate 10 corridor, the CEO of Mountainside Fitness said he and his team settled on Park 10, a 43-acre mixed-use development near 100th Avenue and McDowell Road in Avondale.

Employing about 110 people, it will be the Scottsdale-based company's farthest west project. With a total of more than 1,500 employees at its other 19 fitness centers, its closest facility to that site is in Surprise. Plans call for breaking ground on the $9 million project in May or June at the latest, Cote said, with an opening in late 2022 or very early 2023.

Mountainside Fitness Commits to $30,000 Donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank This Holiday Season

December 14, 2021

With a commitment to health that goes far beyond the fitness center, Mountainside Fitness is teaming up with its Members as it commits to donate at least $30,000 to St. Mary’s Food Bank.

Mountainside will donate 100% of all proceeds for one day, December 20th, 2021, which will include any sales within its café, pro shop, supplements, personal training, and new memberships. All of the 19 Valley-wide locations will work together to reach the goal of $30,000 in a single check to St. Mary’s Food Bank prior to the Christmas holiday.

Members and the community are encouraged to stop by Mountainside and make any type of purchase, as 100% of proceeds collected will be donated. This unprecedented event within the fitness industry will include day passes, annual memberships, new member sales, etc.

Mountainside has celebrated its 30th year anniversary for the past year of 2021, and looks to end the year with one last celebration as it teams up with its Members to make a difference within the community.

With the increased costs of commodities and donations falling short, Arizona’s largest locally owned fitness center says St. Mary’s Food Bank is the most logical way to give back and stretch every donation dollar.

“St. Mary’s Food Bank is an incredible resource within our community and Mountainside Fitness is proud to support their mission and values 100%,” said Craig Cote, CEO of Mountainside Fitness. “We know that it is important and we want to do whatever we can to feed as many families as possible this holiday season. For every dollar raised it will mean dozens of meals can be purchased to feed those who are hungry. Please help us reach our goal and let’s keep everyone happy and healthy this year.”

Mountainside Fitness Joins the Pickleball Revolution

March 15, 2021

Pickleball is taking the world by storm: one dink shot at a time. Mountainside Fitness is joining the frenzy as the King of the Swing by offering the game at three of its Valley Locations: Scottsdale Shea, Mesa, and Surprise. Perfect that backhand and get in the court. Pickleball is a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong and is played on a badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net. All ages and skill levels can enjoy the game.

“Pickleball is a fun way for members of Mountainside Fitness to get in their work-out and play a competitive game with their friends and family at the same time,” said Craig Cote, CEO of Mountainside Fitness. “We are constantly evolving and thinking out of box and court on what we can add to our offerings here at Mountainside Fitness and Pickleball is definitely a fun one.”

MSF Firebird FUnd

Mountainside Fitness Donates $100,000 To AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund And Hosts Series Of Antibody Test Sites At Its Area Fitness Centers In Chandler And Glendale

May 27, 2020 Many Arizona businesses are working hard to get their stores re-open and back to business after a challenging few months. Since its re-opening on May 18th, Mountainside Fitness has received overwhelmingly positive responses from their members and new registrants and broad support from the community at large. A significant part of the success comes from the dedication and hard work of Mountainside Fitness employees as they continue to ensure the health and safety of guests. As a thank you to their employees, Mountainside Fitness has established the new “Firebird” Fund Employee Assistance Program to help employees during these difficult times.

With much uncertainty and instability as a result of COVID-19, CEO and founder of Mountainside Fitness Tom Hatten and Senior Vice President of Human Resources Robyn Klawitter created the new “Firebird” Fund to help provide relief to keep their employees healthy and strong. The program will be used to assist any Mountainside Fitness employee with a need in one of five (5) categories including financial, medical, meals, paid-time off or childcare. Every employee is eligible to request assistance.

The program will be overseen and governed by nine board members coming from the fitness clubs. No corporate office employee will be eligible to serve on the board. This committee will determine disbursement of funds to employee request as well as oversee fundraisers.

To help jump-start the program, CEO Tom Hatten has personally donated $10,000 to the fund. Mountainside Fitness employees can contribute to the fund either by donating 1-2 days of personal time off or monetary contributions that can be deducted from future paychecks that will go directly into the fund.

“As we continue to face the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, we are grateful for our tremendous employees that work hard to ensure our guests are safe and our fitness centers remain healthy and happy. Taking care of our valuable team is important to Mountainside Fitness and we are fortunate to be able to provide assistance during these uncertain times,” and moving forward. It will be an addition to our culture, said Tom Hatten, CEO and Founder of Mountainside Fitness.

Mountainside Fitness Donates $100,000 To AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund And Hosts Series Of Antibody Test Sites At Its Area Fitness Centers In Chandler And Glendale

April 28, 2020
The state mandated closures surrounding Covid-19 have caused extreme financial hardships to big and small businesses across Arizona, and that doesn’t even compare to the hundreds of lives lost during this pandemic.

Wanting to do its part both financially and responsibly, Mountainside Fitness announced the locally owned and operated company will make a $100,000 donation to the Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund on Monday. Tom Hatten, CEO and Founder of Mountainside Fitness said the company chose the state’s coronavirus relief fund because it helps organizations and people who are on the frontlines and struggling as result of COVID-19.

“We wanted to make the biggest impact we could and help as many people as possible,” said Hatten. “This is the fund that is helping people throughout the state right now who are in all kinds of immediate desperate situations as of result of this pandemic,” said Hatten. But that’s not it, Mountainside Fitness is also partnering with Patients Choice offering its parking lots, resources and staff to offer approximately 200 antibody tests per event to the general public. Patients Choice Lab will offer the drive-up antibody blood test to those who have pre-registered at www.ptchoice.com. The first event for antibody testing will be on Tuesday, April 28th in the parking lot of Mountainside Fitness Glendale and Wednesday, April 29th at the Chandler location from 11am to 2pm. At least five other antibody test sites and days will be assigned in the coming weeks.

The COVID-19 antibody testing is another way Mountainside hopes to assist the state so the re-open process moves smoothly over the next few weeks. Hatten like many small and big business owners hopes to see the state reopening by early May. The antibody test for the current coronavirus antibodies (SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG Antibodies) that help detect both current and past exposure. These results will be available within 24-48 hours. The price of test and blood draw $114. The goal is to test at least 200 people at each site. Participants must pre-register www.ptchoice.com or call (602) 923-0605.

“Thanks to Mountainside Fitness the COVID-19 Antibody testing will be available at Mountainside Fitness locations throughout the Phoenix Metro starting at Tuesday's event and at many more of their locations in the weeks to come,” said Chantell Ketchem, VP of Sales and Marketing for Patient’s Choice Lab. “Mountainside Fitness has not only offered access to all of its locations but also provided important resources to my team that has helped make it possible to provide testing access to people in areas of our community that we may not have previously been able to reach.”

Mountainside Fitness Donates Packages of Purell Sanitizing Wipes to Banner Health Hospital

April 13, 2020

Early Friday morning, staff at Mountainside Fitness, Arizona’s largest locally-owned fitness center chain, donated over 40 packages of Purell sanitizing wipes to their partners at Banner Health.

Founder and CEO, Tom Hatten, said, “We are very proud Mountainside Fitness was able to assist in the fight against Covid-19 by donating these sanitizing wipes to Banner Health. The medical teams at Banner Health have our sincere gratitude for all they are going through in the front lines of this pandemic.”

In additon to the donation, Mountainside is also offering free at-home workouts to the public through their website (www.mountainsidefitness.com). Workouts include Facebook LIVE Group Fitness classes like H.I.IT., Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and more. They also release a Workout of the Day and their daily Peak Performance Zone workouts. “We are here for you Arizona to do whatever we can in assisting your ongoing fitness needs and stress relief” Hatten said.

Mountainside Fitness donates $15K to PCH

February 10, 2020

Mountainside Fitness recently donated $15,000 to Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Hope Fund that finances innovative research, cutting-edge technology, physician recruitment, and child-friendly programs and services. The programs, according to a press release, makes the hospital environment more comfortable for patients and their families.

Mountainside Fitness’ donation resulted from efforts from a silent auction conducted with Charity Benefits Unlimited, a company that partners with local and national charities as well as businesses. Mountainside Fitness partners with Charity Benefits twice a year with auctions involving sports and pop culture memorabilia, the release said.

“We chose Phoenix Children’s Hospital as the beneficiary for our latest auction. We have always been a strong advocate for supporting health and wellness. This donation will help support physicians, patient care and research at Phoenix Children’s Hospital,” said Tom Hatten, Mountainside Fitness CEO/founder, in a prepared statement.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is noted as the only Arizona licensed children’s hospital, providing inpatient, outpatient, trauma, emergency and urgent care to children and families in Arizona and throughout the southwest, the release said of one of the largest children’s hospitals in the country, providing care across more than 75 pediatric specialties.