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Stretch-Fit is a new service offered by M Prove Personal Training to assist Members in their healthy lifestyle. Book your 30-minute session today!

See a Fitness Manager or email Jeff Ginbey at jeff.ginbey@mountainsidefitness.com with any questions. 

Benefits of Stretch Therapy

stretching benefits

Improves posture

Proper stretching (or stretching, when done properly) lengthens muscle and is a passive process for muscle improvement and posture.

stretching benefits

Reduces Muscle Pain & JoinT Pain

Stretching helps to reduce pain and symptomatic muscular cramping.

stretching benefits

Increases Range of motion & Flexibility

A proper stretching routine over time increases your range of motion and flexibility – making everyday tasks easier.

stretching benefits

Improves Athletic Performance

Stretching improves blood flow and decreases lactic acid build-up, reducing muscle injury.

The Stretch-Fit Approach: 3 Types of Stretches

Dynamic:  Progressively increase range-of-motion through movement

Pre-Contraction (PNF): Process of contracting and relaxing isometric holds

Technology-Assisted:  Theragun, vibratory, and various fitness tools which is best done in combination with passive stretching.