Mountainside Fitness Membership Pricing


Help your employees stay healthy for less...at no cost to you!

Ensuring your business is running at full capacity requires your employees to be at their best. A healthy body often translates to a happy mind, and happy employees are much more likely to be productive than unhappy ones. Mountainside Fitness is proud to offer Fitness group exercise classes for corporations looking to stay fit! Our fitness group exercise schedule is designed to accommodate your specific needs.

So whether you’d rather come in before or after work, you’re able to enjoy our classes whenever it’s most convenient for you based in Phoenix, AZ, we’re proud to work with local businesses and provide them with a special corporate membership plan that is designed to help them get the most out of their business.

Save Employees up to 20% off monthly membership rates with a Corporate Membership plan. With 19 valley locations they’ll have the ability to access any club whether it’s close to home or work. Plus as a Member of Mountainside Fitness your Employees have the ability to track their health goals providing an opportunity for company challenges and insurance incentives.

Mountainside fitness offers:

• Over 80 group fitness classes per week
• State-of-the-art fitness equipment
• On-site interactive childcare
• Complimentary towel service
• Ability to track health goals
And more…

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