COVID-19: What We’re Doing To Prioritize Your Health

Updated Friday, April 3rd, 2020 @ 6:00pm

Early Friday morning, we donated over 40 packages of Purell sanitizing wipes to their partners at Banner Health. 

Founder and CEO, Tom Hatten, said, “We are very proud Mountainside Fitness was able to assist in the fight against Covid-19 by donating these sanitizing wipes to Banner Health. The medical teams at Banner Health have our sincere gratitude for all they are going through in the front lines of this pandemic.”

In addition to the donation, Mountainside is also offering free at-home workouts to the public through their website (www.mountainsidefitness.com). Workouts include Facebook LIVE Group Fitness classes like H.I.IT., Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and more. They also release a Workout of the Day and their daily Peak Performance Zone workouts. “We are here for you Arizona to do whatever we can in assisting your ongoing fitness needs and stress relief.” Hatten said.


Updated Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 @ 11:00am

Mountainside Fitness Member Update:

We would like to thank all of our Mountainside employees and Members for their support during the past week, and pass along our wishes for continued health and safety over the next few weeks.  As we experience unprecedented events within our communities, we have made changes to hopefully benefit our Members and their overall fitness.

At-Home Workouts:  beginningWednesday, March 25th, Mountainside will make available the following:

  • Workout of the Day  posted each morning to include full-body workouts, primarily focused on body-weight exercises or limited equipment.
  • PPZ Workout of the Day  similar to our daily Peak Performance Zone classes, these workouts will include video examples of each exercise within three blocks of 10 minutes each.
  • Live Workouts  some of your favorite Mountainside instructors and formats will be available Monday through Friday with classes ranging from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  These live workouts will be 30 minutes in length, and will also be available for viewing after their live streams.
  • HighFitness and other exercise formats available for home workouts, which will include multiple videos to provide options and variety.

Mountainside members will have access to these At-Home Workouts via the Mountainside App and website which you can direct link as follows:


The Mountainside App will include access to these digital workouts.  Please input your Mountainside Barcode number when prompted, which will auto-populate after your first time and will allow Mountainside to push future workouts and provide rewards to our members.

Download the Mountainside Fitness App in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store:

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Store Link

Simply use the e-mail address from this inbox to create your App account username and password.

If you need help or have questions with the Mountainside App, please e-mail [email protected].

Again, we thank you for your support of our company and its employees during this challenging period, and we hope that all of our members and the community are able to stay healthy and safe.

In Health,

Craig Cote


Mountainside Fitness

Updated Thursday, March 19th, 2020 @ 6:00pm

To All Mountainside Members:

Earlier today, we were mandated by the city of Tempe to close our Tempe MSF. It has been our goal to provide a safe workout environment and some semblance of balance in these very difficult times for all of our members. We have followed all CDC and World Health Organization guidelines in order to do so. This choice also allowed our employees to continue working without the fear of loss in income.

However, with the ever-changing environment, and “mounting pressure from local municipalities” we have made the choice to close all our clubs until we are allowed to open at full capacity. This will become effective at the close of business (11:00 pm) today, Thursday, March 19th

As it relates to any future monthly billings, all accounts (membership, childcare, personal training, etc.) will be frozen with ZERO dues billed until Mountainside clubs are fully operational again with all amenities including childcare, group fitness, and steam rooms.  You do not need to take any action for your account(s), as billing will only resume once the clubs are able to operate with full services and amenities.

We’ll be here awaiting our members, smiling, ready to Zumba, Cycle, Yoga, Run, Train and yes, care for the little ones, as well. 

In good health,

Tom Hatten

CEO/Founder Mountainside Fitness


Updated Monday, March 16th, 2020 @ 3:30pm

Mountainside Fitness Member Covid-19 Update:

As a valued Member, and in the wake of the recent changes in protocols and event/group cancellations around the country, we want to let you know that we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your health and safety as we continue to operate.  Over the last few weeks, we have worked with cleaning experts and continue to learn new information from the CDC, World Health Organization, and Physicians.

From this information, we have made the following decisions. 

  • First, we will not be closing (unless mandated by law). We understand the importance of exercise for both physical and mental wellbeing.  MSF will continue to clean the facility and equipment during the day and each night as per my letter 3/10. We also will continue to provide Purell wipes and Purell hand-sanitizer throughout each facility.
  • Second, we will implement the following strategies within each facility:

-Steam rooms will be turned off and closed.

-Cardio equipment will unplug every other machine to allow for focused cleaning and help with social distance.

-Front doors open as often as possible.

  • Third, effective tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th, we will implement two significant changes:

M Kids Childcare will be closed through March 29th.

Group Fitness classes will be canceled through March 29th, including all formats such as PPZ, Cycle, Mind Body, HIIT, Zumba, High Fitness, etc.

In the wake of the cancellation of the classes we are working to provide our members with digital links via our MSF app to some of our group exercise formats. We will follow up with this information once it has been secured.

We thank you for your understanding as we all face this ever-changing environment together!


Tom Hatten

CEO/Founder Mountainside Fitness


Sent Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

Attention Mountainside Fitness Members  

Most recently, our nation has been focused on circumstances that surround (Covid-19) commonly referred to as the Coronavirus. Mountainside Fitness is currently reporting ZERO known cases of the virus within or connected to our facilities. This correspondence intends to communicate what actions we are taking as a company and what you can do as an individual to safeguard yourself by taking a few simple precautionary measures.

Our Clubs

Mountainside Fitness prioritizes cleanliness in our facilities. Here are a few items MSF provides and is performing as our MEMBERS take extra precautionary measures.
  • Until further notice, MSF will make available membership check-in scanners upon entry and not request key tags/phone to hold. They will still observe/verify each check-in.
  • MSF has Tissues readily available throughout our facility
  • MSF has Hand sanitizer readily available throughout our facilities
  • MSF has Purell Commercial disinfectant wipes. These Purell wipes were recently added to the Center for disease control list that is approved by the EPA qualifying to use against the cause of Covid-19
  • Here is the CDC recommended and qualifying EPA Link below.
Our Cleaning processes include:
  • The use of approved disinfectants and sanitizers as provided and prescribed by our national chemical supply company Waxie Sanitary, for the prevention and cause of COVID-19
  • Dedicated cleaning staff/day porters with focused efforts on items most by utilized by our members.
The following areas will be sanitized and cleaned regularly by our cleaning and club staff:
  • Door handles, weight handles, equipment control areas, pins on exercise equipment and high use areas such as mats
  • Flooring and Locker Room areas Sanitized nightly
  • Regular cleaning by our staff that includes highly trafficked areas.
To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 here are a few simple tips that you can utilize and add to your routine while in our facility.
  • Cycle classes – we ask your assistance before and after classes to use the sanitary wipes to wipe your handles. With the volume of classes, this would assist in our efforts as we clean those areas as well.
  • Use our EPA and CDC approved Purell Wipes throughout our facility.
  • Wash your hands as regularly as possible
  • Wash your hands when needing to make contact with your face
  • Use our Purell Sanitation stations located throughout the facility including childcare and group fitness areas.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of the elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  • Stay home when sick or ill.
We sincerely thank you for your membership as we work to increase our efforts in the wake of this situation.


Tom Hatten
CEO – Founder
Mountainside Fitness