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How to Battle the War on Sitting

Welcome to the Weekly Peak! This week we are talking about the war on sitting. Self-quarantine and self-isolation has severely impacted our level of activity throughout the day. Everyone has been spending a lot of time horizontally in our beds or on our couch so we put together some easy tips, tricks, and simple exercises to get you out of your seat. 


Chair exercises 

No workout equipment? No problem! You can get a full-body workout using just a single chair. Our partners at Silver Sneakers have put together a 15-minute total-body workout that is perfect to get a quick workout when you’re feeling stagnant throughout the day. Click Here to get your chair reps in. 


Get an elliptical for your desk 

Get your blood flow going at your desk with a mini elliptical that fits under any desk size. This product has over 2,000 reviews with a 4.5-star rating. DeskCycle allows you to burn some extra calories while still sitting in your weekly Zoom meetings. 


Download an app that reminds you to move 

It is easy to forget to get up when you are locked into a five hour Netflix binge (we know you binge-watched Tiger King in one night). Stand Up! A Work Break Timer will remind you to get moving by pinging your phone. It is completely flexible to your work schedule so you can set it, forget it and get out of your seat. 


Schedule a 30-minute walk into your day 

Another way to battle the war on sitting is to schedule a walk into your day. Taking a 30-minute walk per day increases energy levels and overall heart health. The American Heart Association provides a 6-week walk plan for beginners. Improve your health and prevent disease with this plan.  


Explore MSF at-home workouts 

Our team worked together to provide FREE at-home workouts during the pandemic. MSF has several options for working out at home including group fitness classes and daily PPZ routines. Visit our website or YouTube channel to view all your at-home MSF workout options. We are currently working on a library of On-Demand classes for Members. Stay Tuned!


As a reminder, we have opened ALL 18 locations in the Valley. Our staff is happy to be back and we are eager to serve our Members as they return to the gym at their own pace.