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Top Fitness Trends to Follow in 2019

Love to sweat it out for health and fitness? Staying on top of fitness trends enables you to train in an effective manner. Fitness trends for 2019 range from HIIT workouts to the ever-popular yoga, group fitness classes, and more. Fitness clubs in Phoenix, AZ, provide state-of-the art fitness equipment and certified trainers, keeping you ahead of the game in your quest to get fit and healthy.

Joining a fitness center where you can work out together as a family can motivate you to exercise regularly. Knowing the top trends of the fitness industry can help you set your goals for 2019, and work toward them consistently. This article tells you a little more about the top fitness trends creating a buzz in 2019.

Innovative Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes offered by fitness centers such as Mountainside Fitness are likely to evolve in practice during 2019. This popular form of exercise is witnessing a shift from the traditional instructor-led workout class to a more personalized approach. Instructors guide and coach a workout rather than asking participants to merely mimic their moves. Group classes now use innovative coaching techniques in which the instructor encourages participants to workout effectively using verbal, visual, and kinesthetic signaling.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Quick and result-oriented, HIIT workouts remain one of the top fitness trends of 2019. A fitness center with expert instructors will be able to offer variety to your HIIT intervals, keeping it interesting and making it more effective. Quick, efficient workouts like these allow those with busy schedules to get a decent workout in any time of day. 2019 is likely to see shorter bursts of HIIT workouts (ranging between 25-30 minutes) becoming even more popular. Short HIIT workouts are very effective for helping you maintain your health and fitness if executed correctly.


This ancient practice will only continue to gain popularity in 2019. Yoga is great for the mind and body, and it improves strength and flexibility. Fitness centers now offer variations of yoga such as hot yoga, power yoga, and more, which are extremely effective in toning and strengthening your muscles. Practicing yoga under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor will ensure your yoga poses are on point, helping you derive maximum benefit from this art of fitness. Most fitness centers offer yoga classes that teach you the correct form to practice simple as well as complex yoga poses. Yoga is great because depending which type of class you take, it can be a relaxing cool down or an intense work out.

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Bodyweight Training

With busy lifestyles, people want workouts that don’t require gym equipment. Join a fitness center that has fitness classes focusing on workouts that require nothing more than your own body weight. Body weight exercises such as planks, pushups, squats, etc. work several muscles at a time, burning more calories, helping you get lean and fit.

Working out regularly is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and well-being. Visit or call us at Mountainside Fitness to learn how we can help you and your family incorporate a workout into your daily routine this year. Take advantage of our 5-day pass.