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Best Cycling Tips to Help Beginners

Are you excited to try out cycling? This is a fun way to get fit, and whether you choose to try it out in group exercise classes in Phoenix, AZ or out on the open road, you’ll want to read these tips. Being prepared for your first time on a bike will help you avoid mistakes and injury.

Protect Your Head

If you’re participating in an indoor spin class, you won’t need to worry about falling off your bike and hitting your head or other road hazards that might send you over the handlebars. However, if you’re planning on biking on one of the area’s many trails, make sure you get a helmet that’s fitted properly to protect your head while riding.

Don’t Pedal in High Gear for an Extended Time

For those of you participating in group exercises classes at fitness centers, such as Mountainside Fitness, your instructor will monitor this and make sure you’re not in high gear for a long time. High gear is anything above 90 revolutions per minute. Ideally, you want to stay between 70-90 rpms. If you’re riding on the road or a trail, pay attention to your gear speed. You want to protect your knees, and when you’re in high gear for a long time, it puts stress on your knees and leads to injuries.

Get Fitted for Your Bike

Many people stop cycling because of recurring muscle soreness or other aches and pains. Often, this results from riding a bike that’s not fitted properly for your body. For example, if you’re 5 feet tall, you have no business being on a bike that’s fitted for someone who has longer legs and arms. Of course, you’re going to feel sore. Have the bike pedals and handlebars fitted for you. This also include the seat saddle, which is detachable and able to be fitted for your body.

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Change Your Position While Riding

Your bike shouldn’t be the only thing in motion when you’re cycling. Moving your body and changing your hand position on the handlebars as well as your position on the seat is what keeps your body from feeling numb and tingling. When you participate in a group spin class at Mountainside Fitness, your instructor will have you change positions frequently. If you’re on the road cycling, try to change your position every couple of minutes.

Are you ready to try out cycling for the first time? If you want to give it a try but aren’t quite ready to invest in your own bike,

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