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The Power of Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing group fitness classes are an excellent way to get fitter faster. Many people are pulling on their boxing gloves and signing up for these intense cardio fitness classes in Phoenix, AZ. What about you? Are you interested in learning more about this high-energy workout? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits cardio kickboxing provides for the body and the mind.

Lose Weight

This is one of the main reasons people sign up for kickboxing. They want to lose weight, and they want to lose it fast. Kickboxing is an aerobic activity that allows people to burn a lot of calories over the course of an hour. If you’ve been struggling to lose those few extra pounds, this class might just be the “kickstart” your body needs to shed the fat.

Improves Balance and Coordination

If you thought yoga and Pilates were the only exercises that improve balance and coordination, think again. Kickboxing involves sequencing complex moves and requires quite a bit of balance. Don’t worry if you feel uncoordinated during your first few classes. It takes time to refine your reflexes and find the coordination. Those who are new to kickboxing should start with a beginner’s class to help you ease your way in.

Strengthen Your Body

For people looking for cardio exercise that also builds muscular strength, you can’t go wrong with kickboxing. The moves you’ll encounter during a class increase the strength in your hamstrings as you learn to kick powerfully. The way you stand and balance yourself improves abdominal strength, and all that punching and jabbing goes a long way toward chiseling out a toned upper body.

Fitness classes in phoenix man Kickboxing

Save Time

Want to find a way to cut your workouts in half? Look for a kickboxing class on the fitness exercise schedule. Everyone wants to find more time in their day to do the things they love, and cardio kickboxing helps you get out of the fitness center faster. Kickboxing is a full-body workout, you don’t have to schedule cardio and weight training. You get the benefits of each of those workouts in one kickboxing class.

Self Defense

Although cardio kickboxing isn’t an actual self-defense class, you do learn moves that you can use in real life should you ever feel like you’re in a threatening situation. When you practice the traditional martial art moves in a group class, you use immobile equipment like punching bags, and also practice with other people. Both of these activities help you learn how to gauge the distance and power of your moves if you needed to use them in a real-life scenario.

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