How Working Out Can Bring Family Together

Although many people like to work out on their own, it can be even more fun to work out with a group of people, especially your family. Health professionals encourage parents to work out with their children to not only enjoy the benefits of physical activity together, but to strengthen family bonds as well. Regular exercise can improve self-confidence and decrease anxiety in children, which is why it’s so important to start at a young age. By incorporating exercise into your family’s daily schedule, you can work on having a stronger and healthier family unit. 

Making Time to Exercise

The United States government recently released new dietary guidelines stressing the requirement for both children and adults to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body. Adults should aim to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week and strength train at least two days a week. Children aged 6 to 17 should seek to work out every day, including aerobic, muscle-strengthening, and cardiovascular exercises.

One of the most common issues behind infrequent family bonding is the attraction towards electronic devices, which your kids might gravitate toward when they’re home. Not many parents spend a lot of time organizing their kids when they’re young to gear their lives towards healthier and more rewarding activities. However, you can get started today by setting aside time to exercise with the kiddos.

Types of Exercises to Try Together

There are a wide variety of exercises your family can enjoy together, from working out at a fitness center to cycling around town. However, you should stick to exercise that everyone finds interesting, rather than what you imagine what fitness has to be. If everyone has been eager to get a fitness center membership, you should consider working out at a local family fitness center in Phoenix, AZ, a few times a week. Or, if everyone enjoys hiking, plan out a few weekend hikes.

Father and Son

Achieving Goals as a Team

A huge benefit of family workouts is the gratification that comes with working toward a common goal. Perhaps your kids want to improve their mile time or your spouse has a goal of losing a pound a week. By sharing your fitness goals with one another, you can encourage each other to succeed each step of the way. Then, after you leave your local fitness center, you can celebrate your wins with some more family bonding by stopping for a well-deserved treat before going home to relax on the couch with a movie. You earned it, but even better, you all earned it together.

The list of benefits of working out with your family, such as helping strengthen family bonds and living healthier lives, goes on and on. Get started today by talking to your family about exercising together regularly and finding a fun activity that involves physical fitness. To learn more about our family-friendly fitness center located in Phoenix, AZ, contact us at Mountainside Fitness today!