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Choosing the Best Fitness Center for Group Classes

Finding a fitness training center for group classes can be challenging, but when you find the right fit for you, it’s very rewarding. Mountainside Fitness, with 18 locations in the Phoenix Valley metro, offers a variety of group exercise classes for individuals and families. If you’re still searching for the right balance of individual workout options and group classes, keep reading to learn how to find the perfect match for you!

What Are You Looking For?

Before you settle on a fitness center, it’s important to know what type of group classes you’re interested in taking. Often, people sign up for a membership without knowing what they want to get out of the membership and discover there aren’t classes that meet their interests. Think of it this way: what happens when you go to the grocery store without a list? You end up roaming the aisles not sure what it is you need or want. You end up spending money on items that don’t do you any good.

When you’re looking for group classes, it’s important to choose a center that offers the types of classes that pique your interest. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for fitness centers that post descriptions of their classes on their website and also offer free trial memberships. For example, Mountainside Fitness does both. You have the opportunity to read class descriptions on the website and you can try as many classes as you like for free for 5 days.

Do the Group Class Schedules Fit Your Schedule?

One of the greatest challenges people face when looking for group classes at a club fitness center is finding options that fit their schedule. Whether you’re searching for group exercise class for yourself or the whole family, you need variety. Some fitness locations only offer classes early in the morning or late at night, but what about the in-between times? Before you commit to a center, find out more about the class schedule. Does it change frequently? Or do the class times generally stay the same? At Mountainside Fitness, we offer a flexible fitness exercise schedule with over 80+ classes per week designed to fit around your busy lifestyle.

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Type of Group Classes

Today’s group exercise classes aren’t like your parents’ aerobic classes back in the day. Fitness centers utilize state-of-the-art equipment in classes, including heart rate tracking monitors, for example. While there are plenty of group classes that allow for many participants, some of the best fitness centers in Phoenix, AZ, focus on small group training. These classes usually have 5-10 participants and allow for more one-one-one training. You reap the benefits of personal training without paying a high price tag.

In addition to small group training, there are also fitness centers like Mountainside Fitness that consider themselves family fitness centers. These fitness centers offer family classes and other options, such as childcare to make it easier for families to stay on top of their health and wellness.

Are you looking for the best family fitness center in Phoenix? Stop by one of Mountainside Fitness’s 18 locations to learn more about group exercise schedules and class descriptions.