8/10 Update to Members

To All MSF Members;

As we patiently waited for the Governor’s office to finalize the “protocols” that they put in place on July 22nd and which were the center point of the TRO hearing, we have instead seen a “moving of the goal post” so to speak. As an industry, we did our job and proved those protocols, if followed, would be safe for us to re-open. After the judge agreed and ruled on August 4th that we must be allowed to re-open and have that “pathway” finalized to do so, the next day the Governor’s office changed those protocols making it more restrictive to re-open (reduction to 25% occupancy) previous was 50%, again only in draft form.

On August 6th, a press conference was supposed to take place regarding our industry as per Governor Ducey’s statement on July 22nd, “they would be reviewing the numbers to allowing the Gyms to re-open.” That press conference did not take place. Instead, the Governor filed a “Stay” trying to reverse the Judge’s order. On Friday, August 7th, the Governor lost their bid for a “Stay” and were told they must move forward per the Aug 3rd ruling.  As we have tried time and time again to prepare to re-open, whether it is to trust what we’ve been told or by proof and process through the court, here we sit today without a path to re-open and without final protocols from July 22nd!

No other industry in Arizona has been made to go through this process.  I will ask for your patience as we wait to see if the State provides the protocols they submitted on July 22nd in final form by tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11th.

We have decided to hold-off our re-opening until those protocols are available to sign.  We will act accordingly based on what we receive tomorrow.


Tom Hatten

CEO / Founder MSF