How To Make Your At-Home Workouts More Challenging 

Mountainside Fitness clubs may be closed but at-home workouts are open!  Although 2020 has had its share of hardships, loss, and canceled plans, there are a few things that are not canceled: staying healthy. Maintaining mental and physical health should be a top priority even in uncertain times. We want our members to be mentally and physically well even if our clubs are closed which is why we’ve launched on-demand workouts along with other at-home workouts for our Members. 


If you are looking for a yoga fix while stuck inside, we suggest this 45-Minute Flow with Irene Pakravan. All you need is a mat and a towel, and you’re ready to get moving and get breathing. If you’re looking for an extra challenge when you’re done, here is a great 20-Min Core Workout with no equipment needed. 

Peak Performance Zone 

You can still take your Peak Performance classes from home as well. If PPZ is your thing then you know you won’t need any extra workouts after but you could be in need of a warm-up or cool down. Warming up before an intense workout is critical for your body to get your heart rate up and ready to sweat, as well as loosening the muscles to prevent injuries. Try this Five Minute Warm-Up before starting your PPZ workout. Cooling down and stretching your muscles after a workout is just as vital for your body. This 7-Minute Stretch and Cool Down is great and no extra equipment is needed.

Strength Training 

Looking for a full-body strength training session? This high-energy and challenging class will get you sweating! You’ll need a mat, two sets of dumbbells, and gliders for this 45-Minute Muscle Class with Julie Whitman. Julie is an enthusiastic and motivating instructor and you will feel her energy even from your screens at home. If you’re looking for more, this 10-Minute Leg Workout is a great finisher. 


To access our at-home workouts visit https://mountainsidefitness.com/homeworkout/