What Is Peak Performance Fitness?

Are you looking for Phoenix exercise classes that give you the opportunity to take your fitness to the next level? Why not consider Peak Performance fitness? This type of exercise class offered at Mountainside Fitness challenges participants to push past their comfort zone for maximum results. Keep reading to learn more about what peak performance is and how it benefits you.

Small Group Training

A unique aspect of Peak Performance exercises classes is the class size. If you’re looking for a challenging class that isn’t overcrowded and lets you work out with your fellow fitness enthusiasts, this is the class for you. Small group training gives you more time with a personal trainer, it helps you hit your health and fitness marks, and allows you to receive the support and motivation you need to continue forward with your goals. These benefits alone are the reasons people enjoy these kinds of fitness exercise classes.

Maximize Your Body’s Metabolic Rate

Peak Performance fitness classes are interval-based classes. This type of training focuses on short bursts of high-energy training followed by longer recovery periods. No two classes are exactly alike, which helps your body avoid plateauing and keeps your body burning fat and calories long after your workout has ended. For people who want to work out smarter and not harder, Peak Performance fitness fits the bill.

Participating in a Peak Performance session raises your body’s metabolic rate through the following types of exercises:

  • Plyometric movements
  • Weight training
  • Cardio

Participants tone up and drop fat faster than they do when participating in static sports like running, biking, and elliptical training. When you maximize your body’s metabolic rate, you get maximum benefits. Working out in a Peak Performance exercise class ensures that you stay on track to meet your metabolic goals because the instructor works with you. If you’ve struggled to add interval training to your routine, a guided class might be exactly what you need to move forward.

Plyometric Peak Performance Image 2

Heart Rate Targeting

Another feature in many Peak Performance classes, including the classes at Mountainside Fitness, include the use of a heart rate monitor. To achieve maximum benefits in interval-based classes, you want to make sure you’re reaching your target heart rate. Heart rate monitors are wearable technology that minimize guessing. These monitors let you know exactly the range you’re working in to ensure you get the most benefits from your workout. You’ll know what your heart rate is throughout your workout, how many calories you burned, and much more!

Are you ready to get started with a Peak Performance class? Check out the exercise classes in Phoenix at Mountainside Fitness, a local company with over 18 locations ready to help you meet your fitness goals. Peak Performance class schedules are available on our website and our app. View the many Mountainside Fitness locations at https://mountainsidefitness.com and stop by the one nearest you to learn more!