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Top Cardio Exercises to Include in Your Workouts

There is nothing better than completing a hard workout and knowing that you did it! You should be proud of everything you do for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This includes taking part in cardio exercise classes. There are some amazing options out there designed to work your entire body and leave you feeling terrific yet tired in the best way possible! If you’re interested in exercise classes, you should look for ones that include these top cardio exercises — you’ll feel great after your exercise class, guaranteed.

40-20 HIIT Circuit Workout

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran of exercise classes, you want to make sure you get your heart rate up with the 40-20 HIIT Circuit Workout. All you need is a step or platform and 35 minutes of your time for an intermediate/advanced workout that turns traditional interval training on its head by decreasing the recovery time in between exercises. If you want to do right by your body, then this is the ideal workout for you with its cumulative intensity that incorporates a wide range of exercises.

There’s everything from long jumps to burpees, and while the end of each circuit will leave you breathless, the results are well worth it. Those who do exercise classes based on this 40-20 high intensity interval training will know about the full-on cardio exercise for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second break. This equals four minutes of work for all four exercises, which can be repeated for a very thorough workout. Plus, you’ll be triggering your fat-burning hormones by reaching your anaerobic zone, when it’s difficult to speak in full sentences because you’re out of breath. This is when your body produces and releases growth hormone and adrenaline. Plus, you’ll burn lots of calories and enjoy a strong yet sweet afterburn with this variety of exercises and movements.

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300 Calories in Thirty Minutes

Another exercise you should strongly consider for your next exercise classes is 300 calories in thirty minutes. Dedicate half an hour on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike for a wonderful workout you won’t forget anytime soon. You can play around with your speed, resistance, and incline to further challenge your body and burn even more calories. For example, your first workout could be increasing and decreasing your treadmill incline to burn more calories and keep things interesting. Then for your next trip to the fitness center you could head over to the elliptical trainer, where you’ll slowly increase your resistance/incline across six-minute intervals before dropping down for two minutes. You can also go back and forth between increasing and decreasing your resistance on a stationary bike, mixed in with one minute of pedaling on high resistance to work up quite a sweat.

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