Lower Ab Workout Plank

Tips for Doing Your Lower Ab Workout Effectively

Have you been doing sit-ups and planks day after day hoping to strengthen and tone your lower abs? You’re not alone. Whether you’re attending exercise classes designed to target the lower abs or doing an ab work at home, your part of a group of people who want to improve and define their lower abdominal muscles. The good news is that this muscle group is one that can be worked out everyday. It doesn’t need time to recover like other muscle groups.

So what’s the not so great news? Well, most people aren’t getting the most out of their lower ab workouts. It’s okay. Lots of people make the same mistakes. That’s why Mountainside Fitness encourages you to read more here about how to perform lower abdominal exercises that get results faster.

The Better Way to Plank

The plank is a great exercise to build not only abdominal strength, but full body strength. To get the full benefits of this exercise for your lower abs, you need to make slight adjustments. Many people let their hips sag while performing this move. To prevent this, pull your hipbones together and draw your belly button in. Pretend there is a string attached to your belly button that’s pulling it up through your lower back. If you’re having trouble doing this, sign up for exercise classes that focus on lower abdominal work for professional instruction.

Bridge the Gap

A lot of people are under the impression that the only way to tone and strengthen lower abdominals is by doing a lot of sit-ups. While sit-ups and crunches do work your abs, there is another move that’s even more effective at targeting those illusive lower abs. It’s called the bridge.

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve probably done a few bridges. How this move works is you lie on your back with your shoulders firmly attached to the ground and your arms parallel to your body. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Raise your hips keeping your belly button drawn in and your shoulders and upper back planted to the floor. Hold the pose at the top for 1-2 breaths and lower to the ground. Repeat this move 10-12 times.

Lower Ab Workout

Take a Cardio Fitness Exercise Classes Near You

Target training improves muscle strength and help define your muscles. However, when it comes to effective lower abdomen workouts, you need to shed the fat around the muscles if you want to lose the pouch. Women, more so than men, tend to have this problem. That’s why women’s exercise classes are so beneficial.

Cardio fitness classes offered at fitness centers like Mountainside Fitness help you target stubborn abdominal fat in fun and engaging ways. For example, taking a cardio dance fitness class or participating in a group kickboxing class is exciting and incorporates exercises that target the lower abs in nearly every move. You get an effective workout that doesn’t feel boring by any means.

Are you looking for group fitness exercise classes in Phoenix, AZ, that will help you get stronger, more defined lower abdominals? Check out the class schedules and membership options that Mountainside Fitness offers.