Basic of Fitness Center Phoenix AZ

Know the Basics of Fitness Center Etiquette

Chances are if you work out regularly in a gym or fitness center, you’ve encountered behavior committed by other patrons that can interfere with your routine. Workout facilities are often crowded, so following a few gym etiquette rules helps everyone have a more enjoyable session. Most people know the basics of acceptable gym behavior, but there may be a few behaviors you don’t realize are frowned upon by your fellow fitness fanatics.

Crowded workout facilities translate to being up-close-and-personal with others. If you’re sick and you want to sweat the sickness out of your system, do it at home. Don’t infect everyone else by showing up at the gym and passing your germs around by sneezing, coughing, and then touching the equipment. Wash your gym clothes and your body before heading to the gym. Just about everyone has experienced a situation of working out next to someone who doesn’t observe good hygiene. However, don’t douse yourself with a layer of strong-smelling deodorant or perfume. This can be just as overwhelming as body odor.

Be courteous. Never leave a pool of body fluid on the equipment. Wipe down handles, seats, and anything else you’ve touched. Monopolizing a piece of equipment frustrates others. Fellow patrons have the same or similar fitness goals. Rotating through the equipment allows others equal time. Always re-rack weights when you’re done. Leaving them on the floor can cause someone to trip. Watch your language. Not everyone appreciates off-color jokes or cussing.

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