How to Foam Roll Your Upper and Lower Body

So, what’s the deal with foam rollers? Foam rollers can be found at any health and fitness center in Phoenix, AZ. Typically, they can be found near free weights, near the indoor track or inside the fitness classrooms. Foam rollers are a versatile fitness tool that alleviate muscle knots or tension in the upper or lower body. Also, they can be used to sculpt abs. You’ll likely see many people using foam rollers with different expressions on their faces. Some might be grimacing from the deep muscle tissue release, while others look happy and relaxed. The truth is that foam rollers should be part of everyone’s fitness routine. Not only do they melt away tension, but they improve your stretching routine.

How to Use a Foam Roller

If you’ve never used a foam roller before, ask the staff, such as a personal trainer, at your local health fitness center to give you a proper demonstration. Sure, foam rollers look like they’d be self-explanatory; however, there are certain ways to use them. Foam rollers can be used on the upper and lower body. They’re also used as props for standing stretches.

Foam Rolling for the Upper Body

Do you have tight muscles in your upper back? Lie back on a foam roller and roll over it while keeping it positioned between your shoulder blades and upper back. Don’t roll too far down. Small movements are all it takes to get into the fascia, the part of your body’s tissue that compresses and covers your muscle.

Most upper body foam usage is more about using the roller as a prop for performing standing stretches. Place the foam roller to one side and hold it with the hand that’s on that side. Then, reach the opposite hand over your head to stretch out your side.

Another way to use the foam roller is to stand it up in front of you, step back about 3 ft, place your hands on the roller, bend at the waist, and stretch out your upper back. Some people find this feels better on the upper back than rolling.

Foam Rolling for the Lower Body

When you observe people using foam rollers in a wellness fitness center in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll likely see them using the rollers for the lower body. Foam rolling calves, glutes, IT bands, abductors, and quadriceps feels great and helps get rid of next-day muscles aches and pains. Fitness centers in Phoenix, AZ, usually have large and small foam rollers to meet the needs of their clients. To figure out which one works best for you, ask the staff to help you choose based on what you need.

If you have questions, get in touch with one of our friendly staff members at Mountainside Fitness. Our Personal Trainers know how to properly use foam rollers and are always happy to help you.