How to Create a New Workout Routine

Creating a fitness routine is important to reaching any health or fitness goal. According to Healthline.com, it takes an “average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.” It won’t happen overnight, but if you have the dedication, we put together some tips to help you create and stick to your new healthy routine. 

Lay Out Your Workout Clothes the Night Before 

One of the best ways to set yourself up for success and getting to the gym is to lay your workout clothes out the night before. Having your clothes ready to go is one less step to think about when you’re still waking up from your alarm. Another recommendation is to keep a spare workout outfit in your car or work bag.

You never know when you will have an opportunity to work out and having your workout clothes with you eliminates that excuse for not having anything to workout in! Maybe you’re on a lunch break or even get off work early, the perfect time to get a little exercise in. Don’t want to leave clothes in your car? Mountainside offers Executive lockers! With Executive lockers, you are able to leave your clothes in a personal locker and we’ll provide you with a towel and complimentary water every day!

Train Your Body to Wake Up Earlier 

Whether it’s 20 minutes or an hour earlier than normal, giving yourself that extra time in the morning to get a 20-minute walk in or head to the gym for a sweat can make a huge difference. Exercising in the morning when you would normally be sleeping eliminates the feeling that your workout is taking time away from things that you have to do during the day. To start, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than your normal alarm and increase that time every week until your body has become comfortable waking up earlier. 

Hire a Trainer to Keep You Accountable 

Hiring a personal trainer can help with many things. Personal trainers are able to develop a workout routine, meal plan, and overall strategy that is personalized for you. It is easy to roll over and hit snooze on your alarm clock but having a trainer who is expecting you to arrive at a certain time is a much better form of motivation. 

Schedule Your Workout Ahead of Time

Scheduling your workouts in advance will help keep you accountable and motivated. At Mountainside, we offer a large variety of classes to choose from including Cycle, HIIT, Muscle, and even Yoga classes! Classes start as early as 5:15 AM and go as late as 6:30 PM to give you tons of options to fit your schedule. Members can reserve their spot in class up to 24 hours in advance through the MSF app! 

Find a Workout Buddy

There are quite a few benefits to finding a workout partner, the main one being motivation! Having someone there to motivate you and vice versa can help you stay accountable for yourself and your partner. Another reason that working out with someone could be beneficial is to try new things! Maybe there is a lift you have been wanting to try but too intimidated to do so. With a workout partner, you’re there to support each other by learning new things and stepping out of your comfort zone!