Enhance Your Running Technique

Serious Runners

Anyone who has ever read “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougal has likely come away with not only a deeper understanding of the basic human need to run but also with a desire to perform the activity in a more productive, efficient way. The book gives an overview of the history of running and examines the psychology behind the invention of certain paraphernalia, such as cross training sneakers, but it also emboldens the average reader to challenge him or herself while running. And that’s exactly what any serious runner in Phoenix should be doing during every workout.

Improve Your Technique

Here are a few ways you can improve your running technique over time.

  1. Don’t get hurt: it’s the first rule of running because once you sustain an injury, the activity is over, no matter how much you desire to continue participation. Running while hurt only increases the chance that you’ll irritate the initial injury, thereby eliminating yourself from future activity for a longer period. Therefore, give yourself an advantage by scheduling your runs in the morning when you’re not overtired from a day at work.
  2. Make sure you’re hydrated. This may not seem like an actual running technique, but hydration can greatly affect the quality of your run, thereby contributing to technique. Make sure you’ve filled your favorite water bottle beforehand and take it with you when you hit the trail or road, so you can battle your thirst every half hour or so.
  3. Consider implementing a strength training regimen several times per week so you can build key muscle groups. You’ll see vast improvements in your endurance running by adding strength training.
  4. Make a habit of carrying your upper body correctly. Remember to keep your elbows bent and your arms relaxed. Work on core strength to carry your body weight correctly as you run.
  5. Make running a habit every day, and if possible, find a partner to go with you. Again, this point may not seem like it pertains directly to technique, but it does in the long run. If you don’t make practice a part of your daily routine, you’ll never be able to work on your technique, so put your run on your daily to-do list and prioritize it.

Up Your Game

When you decide to up your running game by improving your technique, there are a few ways and many places to do it. Even if you like trail running, you should make a club fitness center in Phoenix, AZ part of your repertoire. Additionally, a fitness center is a great place to come when the weather is too hot, or monsoons are in full swing. Visiting a workout facility regularly brings with it a few perks, such as the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests to yours. This would be a great place to meet that running partner. You can also expect to come across personal trainers who may be able to instruct you on techniques you don’t already know. So, when you’re ready to take running to the next level, remember to implement the tweaks to your technique and seek out help from professionals.