Benefits of Yoga at Mountainside Fitness

You have heard that Yoga is good for the mind and body, but do you know how it benefits you physically and mentally? It’s hard to know how many times you need to practice Yoga in order to feel the benefits, but good news, experts have found that the benefits of taking a yoga class can begin to show up after just one class.

After One Class

After one class, you might be on the fence thinking “How will I ever be able to do this regularly?” or “I’m really not as flexible as I thought.” Those are normal thoughts to have. To be honest, you will most likely feel sore after the first class, but again, that’s normal. Experts have shown that after one class your shoulders will feel stronger, your hamstrings will feel looser, and you will move and stretch your body in areas you probably don’t every day.

Also, after your first class,  you will notice that it is easier for you to shut your mind off during class and pay attention to the instructor. You will be able to open up more in certain moves like Warrior pose and Downward Dog. You might even feel like you are overall more flexible in areas that you are usually tight and tense. 

After One Month

After one month of classes, you will be sleeping better and might even notice your skin glowing more. At this point, you might begin to notice that you are handling stress better too by breathing more deeply during tense situations. You will start to develop more muscles and strength and begin to feel overall stronger. 

After One Year

After one year of regular practice, you will feel and notice the improvements in your well-being. How you breathe, how you move, how you focus and how you treat others. At that point in your Yoga journey, your focus will have improved, along with your stress levels, and your ability to handle confrontation. Physically, your upper body and core strength have increased, your balance has improved and you are sleeping better than ever before.

Yoga at Mountainside Fitness

All of our instructors are certified yoga instructors and we offer a variety of yoga classes for all fitness levels. These classes are included with your membership.

View our class schedules online or on our mobile app to find a yoga class near you.

As an added value to our members, Mountainside Fitness offers a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program for anyone that would like to teach yoga or looking to expand deeper into their specific personal practice of Yoga.

Yoga Classes at Mountainside Fitness

Yoga: Experience the tranquility of movement as you connect mind, body and spirit through a series of poses. This class is intended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level progressions.

Flow Yoga: A class focused on connecting breath with movement through a fun mixture of postures. This class will leave you feeling strong, yet calm and focused. All levels welcome

Power Yoga: This class is designed for those who want to sweat. An exhilarating Vinyasa style class set to fun, upbeat music. Explore inversions and arm balances while experiencing stillness within motion.

Yin Yoga:This class focuses on stretching the deep connective tissue in the joints by holding poses anywhere from 2-5 minutes.

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