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Benefits of Indoor Cycling Classes and Class Types Offered at Mountainside Fitness

Whether you have been taking spin classes for years or curious but haven’t tried yet, Mountainside Fitness offers multiple class options for all fitness levels.  Indoor cycling classes provide many physical and mental benefits. Read on to learn more about the benefits and types of classes we offer at Mountainside Fitness. Even better, ALL group fitness classes are included with your membership! 


High-Intensity Intervals / Low impact on your joints: Burn more calories with less risk of injury, but sweating in the saddle! he margin of calories burned to the risk of joint injury is higher when compared to other forms of cardio.

Fun and Effective Calorie Burning Class: Our 55-minute class gives you an opportunity to burn 400+ calories and islly safe for any body type and fitness level. Add the adrenaline rush that comes with jamming to our instructor’s carefully crafted playlists, and you’ll leave happy and full of endorphins. . 

Stress Reliever: Have you ever heard of a runner’s high? Well, that’s a real thing and stands true for cyclists as well.Cycling increases blood flow to the heart and brain and has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Our cycle classes are also low-lit so you can concentrate more on YOUR ride and less on others around you. 

Mountainside Fitness Cycle Classes 

DJ Cycle: A class focused on connecting breath with movement through a fun mixture of postures. Add a DJ to mix music for you and it’ll feel like a party in the studio! This class will leave you feeling strong, yet calm and focused. All levels welcome.

Sport Cycle: This class simulates outdoor cycling with hills and flats by incorporating various intervals of strength and endurance geared towards maximizing your athleticism, and may also incorporate rhythmic rides to the beat of the music. All levels welcome.

Studio Cycle: Pedal to the beat and be in-sync with your moves in our Studio Cycle class! This class is typically a choreographed ride which may incorporate sculpting with light dumbbells, push-ups, tap-backs, and side-to-side or forward-back motions while incorporating various speeds and resistance levels. All levels welcome.

Our mission is to fuel your energy and teach you the proper techniques to succeed! All of our indoor cycling classes are free with your membership and ANY fitness level is welcome. To view our class schedule, visit the tab “Services” →  under “Classes” in the MSF app. Classes can also be found online.

Did you know all of our group fitness classes are included with our 5-day pass? Download yours now!