Barre vs. Pilates: Choosing the Right Workout for You

When it comes to getting and staying active, there are rarely any bad ideas for finding a good exercise for you. However, it’s not always easy to find the perfect exercise, the one that keeps you coming back for more on a daily basis, especially when you’re debating between a pair of great choices such as barre and Pilates.

As with any exercise, finding the right program for your fitness exercise classes in Phoenix, AZ, depends on your personality and what you’re likely to enjoy most. If you’re more of a quiet person, a louder class might not be for you. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between barre and Pilates.

Time for Cardio

Both barre and Pilates require a fair amount of time to the program to see real benefits in your life. Where they differ is the amount of time you’ll spend per session and in the amount of time that you’ll need to add cardiovascular exercises to the mix. Pilates is an anaerobic exercise, which means that cardio isn’t part of the program and must be done on your own time. That can add an hour or two of working out outside of your program, which may seem tough when you’re already dedicating 45 minutes to a workout three times a week.

However, barre will take 60 minutes per session to complete, making it a better choice for people who can dedicate long stretches of time at once. Barre is aerobic, so cardio is completely optional for someone in this program. The trade-off is that, if you don’t have 60 minutes a day for your workout, you’ll miss out on growth and benefits.

PilatesDo You Fit in a Community?

Some people thrive in an exercise community that’s full of noise, laughter, and people having fun. Others prefer a quieter, laid-back environment that allows them to focus deeply on their own personal growth. Whichever one is a better fit to your personality will help you decide which exercise is better for you. Barre lends itself to a boisterous atmosphere that’s noisy and fun, while Pilates tends to be quieter and more serious, lending itself to deep self-reflection. The one that sounds like it would be more enjoyable to you, should be the one you try. Don’t hesitate to try both, you may also surprise yourself and like the one you didn’t originally consider.

Patience is (Sometimes) a Virtue

Are you the kind of person who’s going to get encouraged by results and discouraged if you don’t see them? If so, you need to opt for barre and enjoy the quick results that can come in as little as two months. But, if you don’t mind waiting for long-term success and building to a goal, you’ll do great with Pilates, which doesn’t provide results as quickly but does provide similar improvements in health and lifestyle.

Exercise of any kind requires listening to your body, and that’s just as important when picking an exercise as it is when sticking with an exercise. Fitness exercise classes in Phoenix, AZ depend on you showing up to see results, and when you find a class that really makes you happy, you’ll be genuinely excited to come work out every day! Mountainside Fitness offers barre, Pilates, and a wide range of other exercise classes. Visit https://mountainsidefitness.com/to check out their class schedule.