8 Health Benefits of Cycling

For increasing endurance, there are few exercises that can compete with cycling. Not only does riding a bike offer you a great way to work out, but it can also be a fun way to burn calories. Here are eight health benefits that you can take advantage of when you engage in cycling, indoor or out!

Lose Weight

Cycling is a cardiovascular, aerobic workout. By continuously moving and getting your heart rate up, you’re burning calories, which can lead to lower weight when combined with the right diet.

Build Muscle

If you want to tighten and build up your glutes, cycling can do that for you. It also can tone your thighs and calves. Building muscle helps you burn more calories even when you’re done exercising.

Improved Pulmonary Health

Because of its cardiovascular aspects, cycling improves lung health. You breathe more efficiently, which will make other activities easier. 

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Getting your heart to pump faster through cycling creates a healthier heart, and by burning calories and getting to a healthy weight, you cut down the work your heart has to do all day. Cycling reduces your risk factors for heart disease.

Reduce Risk of Cancer

In the same way that cycling can reduce the risk of heart disease, it also can reduce the risk of cancer. According to a study done in Glasgow in 2017, cycling could cut your cancer risk in half!

Protect Your Joints

Cycling is a low-impact workout. It places little to no stress on your joints. When compared to runners, cyclists experience fewer exercise-related injuries.

Improve Your Immune System

Cycling leads to improved sleep patterns. When you sleep well, you are less likely to become ill. It also helps you improve the health of the upper respiratory system, which helps prevent susceptibility to common colds. Some studies have suggested that exercise improves immune system response. Cycling helps reduce stress. These are just some of the factors involved in how cycling improves your immune system.

Improved Mental Health

Riding alone gives you the option to work out problems or focus on the ride without thinking about anything. When taken as a class and done with others, cycling can lead to developing a broader support network. This leads to better mental health. 

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