3 Must-Try Foam Roller Exercises

Chances are you’ve used a foam roller to give your muscles a gentle massage after a particularly invigorating class at one of Mountainside Fitness Center locations in the Phoenix, AZ. Foam rollers are great for reducing muscle soreness, myofascial release, and even helping you achieve greater flexibility. But did you know that rollers are a great tool to add to your workout? That’s right. Rollers aren’t just for recovery and preparation. Here are 3 ways to use foam rollers in your next workout.

Toe Taps


The next time you stop by Mountainside Fitness your fitness center in Phoenix, AZ, grab a mat and a foam roller. Toe taps are a Pilates mat exercise that benefits your core and lower body. When you use a foam roller, you need to balance more and work to find stability. Toe taps let you engage your core muscles in more profound ways. Here’s how to do toe taps with a foam roller:

• Position the roller on the mat and lie vertically on the roller.
• Keep your feet together and pull your knees into your chest while keeping your hands on the floor for stability.
• Lower one leg at a time to the floor until your toe taps the mat. Do this slowly and with precision for maximum benefits.

Push-up Combo


Want to build upper-body strength? Then you must include push-ups in your routine. This exercise is a must for everyone. You’ll even find the youngest members of Mountainside Fitness doing push-ups at our family fitness center in Phoenix, AZ. Using a foam roller lets you add something more to the basic push-up by adding a pike component. Here’s how you do this exercise:

• Place your hands in a push-up position on the foam roller
• Keep your feet close together
• Start doing a regular push-up
• Roll the roller toward you to complete the pike position
• Roll the roller out and away from you, so you’re back in the push-up position
• Repeat



A basic crunch isn’t hard to do, but when you add a roller to the move, the results are amazing. Because the roller is unstable, you must work harder. This means you get a broader range of core activation. Here’s how to perform a roller crunch:

• Lie vertically on the roller as you did with the toe taps
• Put your hands behind your head
• With intention, curl upward using your abdominal muscles to pull you
• Don’t move too far forward. Doing so releases tension in the abs, but causes neck strain

Are you looking for more ways to improve your fitness routine? Stop by Mountainside Fitness, a family fitness center, and speak with a staff member today!