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The Mountainside Fitness app and Mountainside Fitness use a heart rate monitoring system named FitMetrix which allows you to track your workouts both in and outside of Mountainside Fitness. To view and track calories burned, time spent working out and intensity of every workout, go to the workouts page on the app.

The FitMetrix system is compatible with hundreds of leading heart rate tracking devices such as Garmin and Polar. Unfortunately, Apple Watches and Fitbit do not broadcast heart rates and are not compatible with the FitMetrix system.

How to add a heart rate monitor in the app:

If your heart rate monitor is compatible with our app, you can add or update your heart rate monitor on the app by going to “my account”, clicking “edit additional info” and entering the heart rate monitor ID of your device in the space provided. (see the screen shot below)

Please note: in order to receive the best accuracy of intensity and calories burned, we recommend entering your date of birth, weight, and click “yes” on the two toggle buttons.


After each workout, you will receive an email report that details your total calories burned, time spent in specific heart rate zones (measuring intensity and effort), and the total points earned given our Mountainside Fitness specific point system. Points are awarded based on the intensity of your workout.

If you do not have a compatible heart rate monitor, you can purchase a digital fitness tracker for $25 at any of our clubs where we offer Peak Performance classes.

New memberS who have never logged in to app

New members will need their club access BARCODE and AGREEMENT numbers. Agreements are emailed to new members and contain both the Barcode and Agreement numbers.

Once your app is open, click “Register” and complete the registration form. You will be prompted to create your unique username and password at this time. Keep track of the username and password as you may need them in the future should you need to log back into the app.

If you have logged into the App previously and are having issues:

The app requires a unique username, password, and an email address. The username and password were set by the user during the initial setup. Your email is not your username.

If you forgot your username:

1. Press forgot username at login screen. 2. Enter your email address (please make sure this is the same email address on your Mountainside Fitness account) 3. An email will be sent to you to reset your username

If you forgot both the username and password you will need to recover your username first:

Follow the steps above and retrieve your username.

1. Click Forgot “Password”. 2. Enter the email address on your Mountainside Fitness account and your username in the specified areas. 3. An email will be sent to you with a temporary password 4. Copy the temporary password, and using your username and new password, log into the app. 5. Once logged in you can reset your password in the “my account” section of the app.

To book a Peak Performance class, go the app and enter the Schedules section. Find a Peak Performance class on the schedule and click that class. On the class page, click “Schedule Class.” The app will return the home page where your scheduled classed will appear. In addition, an email will be sent to you to confirm your booking. Note that the schedule you will be viewing is your home club schedule. If you are looking to book a Peak Performance class at another club, you will need to change the location at the top of the screen

Find the class you booked on the app schedule. Modify reservation. Slide left on the class and press the delete/trash button.

1. CLICK “Refer a Friend”

2. ADD friends from Contacts CLICK Invite

3. SEND text message

Available for apple and android devices: