Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Mountainside Fitness and its staff are deeply concerned for the health of our Members during this COVID-19 crisis.  We know that the closing of our clubs has been difficult for many, and we encourage you to exercise from home as we look forward to the re-opening of our clubs soon.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Will Members continue to be billed while the fitness centers are closed?

We have suspended all billing our clubs re-open. This includes all billings for fitness, personal training, MKids club, as well as annual fees, if applicable.

How does the club closure affect my Paid In Full membership?

Your memberships will be extended to cover the time of the closure.

How do I freeze my membership?

Mountainside has already taken care of this for you and has waived any applicable fees. Your membership will be reactivated once a club in your club re-opens.

How do I cancel my membership?

During this time, we have already processed a complimentary freeze which has paused your membership and stopped all related billing.  If you would like to process a cancellation while we are closed to the public, you can follow these simple steps:

Because our clubs are closed, please mail a handwritten notice via certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested which should including your name, key tag number, and e-mail address for confirmation to:

Mountainside Fitness

7135 E Camelback Rd. Ste. 235

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Attn: Cancellations

I have an agreement Personal Training, how do I cancel or freeze?

Since your Personal Training sessions rollover, you do not need to freeze at this time. Your sessions will be available to you when we re-open. The expiration date on accumulated sessions will be extended to cover the time of the closure.