July 27th Update from Tom Hatten, CEO/Founder

To All MSF Members;

As most have heard, last Thursday, July 23rd, Governor Ducey decided to continue the mandate to stay closed, reversing his previous commitment to allow for Gyms to re-open (again) July 27th,  stating now that his office would  “re-evaluate” every two weeks moving forward.  The Governor’s office has been required to allow for an Attestation document from the Department of Health for all gyms & studios to sign in order to re-open. That was only made available 1 hour before Thursday’s press conference and in DRAFT form only, however, if anyone signed it, they were agreeing to stay closed.  At this time no final form without such language has been made available.

Although we are continuing the full lawsuit against Governor Ducey, we did go back to court again today for another request of a Temporary Restraining Order. This was based on the lack of a final Attestation as well as many other issues.  Unfortunately, we were denied again until a  “full” hearing on the matter could be set, and that date is now Monday, August 3rd.

It is our goal to continue the process of this Restraining Order on Monday, as well as the full lawsuit when it makes its way to a courtroom and work as hard as possible to get our clubs and this industry as a whole to re-open and stay open.


Tom Hatten

CEO / Founder Mountainside Fitness