Health and Fitness Podcasts You’ll Love

Are you bored of your playlists? Do you need a little motivation? Could you benefit from podcasts that will educate you on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle? Here is a list of four health related podcasts and our favorite episodes from each one. 


Mindpump: Raw Fitness Truth 

This engaging podcast is hosted and created by four athletes who have been in the fitness industry for over 40 years combined. Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, Justin Andrews, and Doug Egg want to get YOU excited about changing your body. Through their light hearted banter these three experts provide excellent information about how to build muscle, improve your form and much more. 

Our favorite episode: #1315: “The 8 Best Exercises You Are Not Doing”




Nutrition Diva

Are you a huge foodie? We got you!  Monica Reinagel, is a licensed nutritionist and culinary school grad with an MS in human nutrition. In these short and sweet 10 minute long episodes she goes over a range of topics from vitamin intake to the science behind diets and mindful eating. Monica gets right to the point and prioritizes always having fact based opinions on food and how to live healthy everyday. 

Our favorite episode:  #564 “How Nutrition Affects Immune Function” 


TEDTalks Health

Who doesn’t love a good TedTalk right? This enlightening podcast is a collection of the very best that TedTalk has to offer in regard to health. This podcast features distinguished intellectuals discussing a range of topics. Episodes vary in length from 10 to 50 minutes, which means you can listen to this podcast no matter how much free time you have on your plate. If you are looking to learn about medical breakthroughs, the effects exercise has on your brain, this is your podcast! 

Our favorite episode: “Sleep Is Your Superpower” 


Marathon Training Academy

Angie and Trevor Spencer started Marathon Training Academy to help get you to that 26.2 mile mark. Whether you are training for a marathon or just want to learn more about running, you will love this podcast. Through these hour long episodes full of interviews from various health industry professionals and tips from Angie Spencer, a registered nurse, you will gain knowledge about running, marathons, and your health in general. 

Our favorite episode: “How to Stay Motivated When Your Race is Cancelled”