The Physiology of Breathing vs Pranayama Techniques for Meditation

(Physical vs Energetic Practices) w/ Paige Fleischmann

Sunday, November 10th

12:00 pm -2:00 pm
Mountainside Fitness Scottsdale Pavilions
8929 E Talking Stick Way Scottsdale,
AZ 85250

The abdominals are primarily designed to support respiration and to provide a proper posture for mechanical ventilation. If the abdominals are first able to coordinate this proper posture, then their function can extend beyond breathing to core axial stability and coordination of the core body movements.

– Functional anatomy of the respiratory muscles

– How specific muscles in asanas are affected by respiratory maneuvers (in-depth look at lumbopelvic hip complex; ribcage and pelvis relationship)

– How pranayama practice (kumbhaka, nadi shodhana, ujjayi breath, etc) can be enhanced when you understand muscles involved in respiration

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The Physiology of Breathing vs Pranayama Techniques for Meditati