Yoga Workshop - Fundamentals of Breath and Flow

Saturday, FEBRUARY 29th


Mountainside Fitness Carefree
2655 W Carefree Hwy, Phoenix 85085
relaxation yoga

Calm the breath and the mind will follow. Ancient yogic breathing techniques have been used for centuries to relieve anxiety and improve focus. This workshop is geared toward all levels and will start with an exploration of Ujjayi breathing, move into sun salutations (A & B), and end with some pranayama breath work to further calm the mind. We will break down each posture in the sun salutations for proper alignment, cuing and modifications for a safe vinyasa practice. Great for those just starting on their yoga journey and any yogis looking to deepen their practice. Space is limited, reserve your spot today! 2 credit hours for yoga alliance re-certification available for yoga teachers.

Register at the front desk of the Carefree club.