Apps That Bring Your Fitness to the Next Level

Did you know that your smartphone could be one of your biggest health advocates? Here is a list of five health-related apps that will take your fitness journey to the next level. 


Fit Radio 

Do you struggle to find the perfect workout playlist? This app is for you! Fit Radio is designed to power your workouts through professional DJ quality mixing. Their playlists can match your running tempo or match your activity of choice like weight lifting or yoga. The right playlist will get you pumped to push yourself through your workout. 



Seven is the app you want when you can’t manage to get to the gym. This app has a gallery of workouts that last a total of seven minutes. The goal of the app is to provide the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time possible. Adjust your workouts and set goals to get a seven minute workout that is tailored to your fitness level. 



Commitment issues? Download the FlexIt App! This app gives you access to thousands of gyms so that you can explore and select a club that fits your needs and schedule. FlexIt has its own QR code in the app that you check-in and check-out of the gym with and you pay per minute for the time you spend working out. You also can track your workouts on the app. FlexIt is made for anyone who wants to shop around for gyms before committing to their perfect fit. 


Stretch & Flexibility At Home 

Admit it. Stretching isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do post-workout. But, stretching and improving flexibility has become easier with this app. Stretch & Flexibility At Home guides you through stretching routines. There are 50 different routines to chose from and vary by fitness level and workout time. You can also go rogue and browse through 300 different stretches to create your own routine. 


Mountainside Fitness App

Last but, not least is the Mountainside Fitness App! Our app lets members check-in, view group fitness class schedules, pre-book a spot in a class, track your workouts, and refer friends to MSF. You can also view our new safety guidelines straight from the app and get access to our new on-demand classes. The MSF app is a must-have for all of our members so you can monitor your fitness in the club and at home. 





Photo Credit: https://traineracademy.org/